The Blog

YoungBlack&Woke is a corner of the internet that I want to utilize in sharing my journey into being more conscious, exploring how activism is changing, and being a part of the ongoing narrative of Black liberation. The blog is a space of empowerment and inspiration that will (hopefully) encourage other Black people to view activism in a new light, claim it, and define it for themselves. Most importantly, I want people to be informed and to use that information, be a part of this national dialogue, and do something about injustice in their own capacities. Raising awareness and sharing information is important, but the purpose is lost if you do nothing with it.

YoungBlack&Woke is more than just a blog title; I wanted to create something that felt inclusive, an image Black people can identify with and would be proud to claim, in addition to the many other beautiful layers that we wear. It’s descriptive of who I am growing into and how I see the generation of Black people right now that are witnessing the Movement centered around Black Lives. Our generation is fighting to break free of the check boxes and statistical data our community is commonly placed in; if we are going to be placed in any box let it be one that describes our spirit: Young, Black, & Woke.

The Creator

My name is Alyx and my passions and purpose can be found at the intersection of journalism and activism. I am passionate about sharing stories of the Black community and using those stories to break stereotypes and advance liberation. I have always been one to use the power of my pen for good and not evil, and so I see my role as one that provides a platform and amplifies Black voices, to find answers to the questions standing in between us and progress. If YoungBlack&Woke is something you can dig, that's great and I hope you join the mailing list to give yourself a chance to dig deeper, if you're just here for the features and the articles, that's great too; I thank you either way.