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When I decided I wanted to be an impactful piece of the Movement puzzle, I understood I would actually have to read and learn and study - but I didn't know where to start and I knew other folks that felt the same way. I was also overwhelmed by resources I was seeing shared on the daily; I wanted to consume it all, so much reading and learning to do but not enough time and I was constantly adding titles and links to a growing draft in my notes. 

I also thought a lot about how easy it is for our work, Black works, to be forgotten and become unknown. How many of us didn't learn about Black artists, and authors, and poets, and things until college? Shoutout to the diligent parents and folks that brought those things into the lives of their young people, but I personally did not have that advantage. Maybe I should have dug deeper, maybe I didn't know better. All of these reasons and more have resulted in Liberation Library: a list of books, articles, data, music, video/clips that are for and about The Movement. Don't see your faves listed? This library is growing still, as we all are, submit your faves and they will be added.

the black power circle

The Black Power Circle is a [free!] space in the digital world where folks from different arenas and involvements can connect and share their frustrations, questions, and ideas around The Movement. Let's inspire each other, support each other, and help each other move the work forward. Sign up for a Circle.